And finally, a new bit o video for those of you who’ve been waiting–recorded at Wendy Schneider’s Coney Island Studios this past fall. Our tune, “Lazy”, which is on our EP from spring 2018. Watch it here!

Please keep in mind that we love playing house concerts and will travel just about anywhere!

In other news, we’ve been hard at it, rehearsing for our upcoming show at the Stoughton Opera House on Sat. Feb. 16, 2019. We’ll be deputing our new electrified string trio, “The Diddy Wah Diddy’s”: Shauncey Ali (violin), Jen Paulsen (viola), Rin Ribble (violin). They’ll be adding their sound to our Gaines & Wagoner trio with Erik Radloff on drums and percussion. You can expect a few new tunes, some theatrics, and a string section that sounds more like Tower of Power than Turtle Island String Quartet (though they do lean in that direction…and we love Turtle Island).

Tickets are available at